Au Parchy Complete Dispersal Sale

Attention, important note!

Admission to the Auction Au Parchy only with valid Covid certificate and official ID.

  • vaccinated
  • recovered
  • tested negative with antigen rapid test (48h valid) or PCR- test (72h valid)

No possibility to test on site!

17 – 19 September 2021
Freitag 10-20 Uhr | Samstag 9-24 Uhr | Sonntag 9-21 Uhr
Festwirtschaft | Samstag Racletteabend
Ferme Au Parchy Holstein
Kontakt: Jean-Pierre & Vérène Fragnière, Rue Centrale 48, 1776 Montagny-la-Ville
+41 26 660 51 92 / +41 77 424 39 65

We are happy to help:
Patrick Rüttimann Tel.: +41 79 470 28 89
Marcel Egli Tel.: +41 76 427 45 24

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How it works?

To create an account

Sie können ein Genetics Sale Konto entweder über die Website oder über die mobile App auf ihrem Smartphone erstellen.

Registration via mobile App

  1. Download the free Genetics Sale App from the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Enter your first name, last name, your complete address, e-mail and cell phone number. Click NEXT. (Note: The mobile number entered above must be allowed to receive SMS messages).
  3. You will receive an SMS to the cell phone number entered on the first screen. This text contains a 5-digit PIN code.
  4. Enter the five-digit PIN code and Genetics Sale will log you into the app.
  5. Now choose an auction e.g. TEST | Genetics Sale where you want to place a bid.
    Alternativ können Sie über den Button Finde Veranstaltungen auch mittels Namen eine Auktion suchen
  6. Select REGISTER to register for the auction and be assigned a paddle ID.

Registration on the website

  1. Visit our auction website
  2. Click in the top right menu on Login
  3. Select  create account at the bottom right of the login screen. You will be asked to enter the following information: First and last name, e-mail address, passphrase / password, selection of the country e.g. Switzerland, and your cell phone number.
    Anstelle eines Passwort können Sie Passphrase verwendet. Ein Passphrase ähnelt einem verwendeten Kennwort, ist jedoch im Allgemeinen länger, um die Sicherheit zu erhöhen. Verwenden Sie so etwas wie „I luv rock and roll“
  4. You are asked to agree to the terms and conditions
  5. The registration is now complete and you will be assigned an Event ID number.
    To bid via smartphone and computer without an app in our system, select the button Start bidding and here we go
  6. Now choose an auction e.g. TEST | Genetics Sale where you want to place a bid.
    Alternatively you can use the button Find events also search an auction by name
  7. Once you are registered, you will receive an SMS with your Genetics Sale PIN code and a link to log in to the app. (NOTE: You must download the Genetics Sale app before this link works)
Whether you bid online or in the app, here are some simple tips to help you
  • MAX BID: When you bid on a lot, you may choose to place a max bid (maximum bid) representing the highest amount that you're willing to pay at the moment. Our automatic bidding technology will then place bids on your behalf. It will always place the lowest bid necessary and never go higher than your max bid. During the auction, you can change your maximum bid at any time: Just place a new bid for a different amount. You will never bid against yourself, even if you increase your max bid.

    We recommend that you place a maximum bid, as the auction will not be extended. This ensures that you will not lose the desired offer at the last minute!
  • NOTIFICATIONSIf you have downloaded the Handbid app and accepted push notifications, you will be notified by push notifications if you are outbid on an item.

    If you do not have the app, you will receive text messages from Handbid.
  • DASHBOARDMonitor your current results on the dashboard screen in your app or online.